Call For Volunteer Vietnamese Translators 

As discussed at last night’s meetup in Hanoi, we are very much in need of volunteers to bring Vietnamese translations for WordPress up to 100%.

Untranslated Strings

Right now, this is how many strings need to be translated for each project (listed in order of priority):

I made a mistake last night and said that only around ~200 strings were left for /trunk/, so it looks like we have a little bit more work ahead of us in order to finish everything by December 31st.

If we translate just 32 strings per day, we will hit our goal of translating trunk by December 31st. That’s not difficult! If you are interested in translating, please comment here with your username so that I can keep track of things.

You may be wondering why we’re using for this P2 instead of .org doesn’t support P2’s, so this is the best solution that we have. The only thing is that in order to comment on this blog you will need to sign up for a username, which is easy to do.

Translating WordPress into Vietnamese

First, make sure you sign up for a username. Then, go to /trunk/ on GlotPress and view the strings that do not have a translation:

Screenshot 2013-12-13 19.33.24

Next, double-click on a row that needs a translation and add your translation:


That’s it!

Thank You

Thanks in advance for the volunteers who have expressed interest so far and who will help us translate WordPress into Vietnamese!