WordPress now 100% Translated into Vietnamese 

Happy June, everyone. To prepare for our meetup in Hanoi this weekend, we’ve gone through GlotPress and checked on the status of Vietnamese translations for WordPress.

This was a big month for WordPress in Vietnamese. The team at foobla donated their time and efforts into helping the WordPress community finish translating the software into Vietnamese, and I’d like to thank Thong Tran, founder and CEO of foobla, for helping with these efforts during the last few weeks. We would not have been able to do this without him and his team.

Now that WordPress has been translated completely into Vietnamese, our next steps are to update http://vi.wordpress.org/ with the updated language packages, and make sure that when WordPress users in Vietnam to go vi.wordpress.org, they know how to begin using WordPress.

It’s been a great month for translations. The next update will likely be about the progress of the main WordPress website for Vietnam, now that we’ve tackled the hard part.